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  • SSD Storage
  • Full Root Access
  • Dedicated IP
  • Unlimited bandwidth & Domains
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Enhanced Control Panel

When You Expect Performance — Get a VPS

Unprecedented features bring remarkable power to everyone

Easy to Setup & Manage

if setup was hard then performance wouldn’t matter.Hostarina custom control panel, yet is simple, easy and powerful. Have your website up in minutes.

Resources Dedicated To You

Each VPS allocates resources as per hosting plan that only your website can use.This equalance of power, high performance and low latency possible due to count of seconds.

You’re Growing – Your Virtual Server can too

As your bossiness or website grow, have peace of mind that your host will grow with you.
Now Upgrade RAM, Storage and Cores in under a Request.

The Total Package Included

Just Pay 1 price and get all included services with each VPS hosting plan are SSD storage, email accounts, instantly install apps, unlimited domains, privacy and many other powerful features.

Guaranteed Resources

Your website always perform at optimal levels by utilizing only high performance components and thanks to our implementation of KVM hypervisor with your dedicated and guaranteed resources to be available at all times

Enhanced Control Panel

Every VPS configuration includes our imOur improved cPanel interface includes with each VPS and Shared hosting solution along with special tools for VPS management and WHM control.

Flexible Software Options

Virtual Private Servers have full root access, which gives you full control of your server with lots of other powerful features

Advanced Functionality

Every VPS have advanced functionality like unlimited domain name hosting and creation of subdomains, email account, databases, FTP accounts and private name servers.

Powerful Hardware

Our VPS solutions are among the fastes hosting due to our Datacenter team worked with industry leaders like Intel and AMD to continually evaluate our VPS platform ro maintain best performance.

24/7 Support

We are here for you 24/7/365 via phone and live chat to assist with any questions you may have regarding your Virtual Private Server hosting plan.

Full Suite Of Tools

Our VPS hosting solutions included website development tools with thousands of free website designe & templates and a powerful app installer and much more!

Weekly Off-Site Backups

Our automated backup and restore services highly useful in case of mistakes or unforeseen events and a courtesy off site backup of your private server data each week.

VPS Hosting Plans

Big or small, website or application - we have a VPS configuration for you.


VPS 300

Monthly cost


1541.54 Rs

VPS 700

Monthly cost


2802.8 Rs

VPS 1400

Monthly cost


3503.5 Rs


Monthly cost


2102.1 Rs


Monthly cost


2802.8 Rs


Monthly cost


4904.9 Rs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting is a website hosting solution that allows guaranteed resources such as RAM,CPU and storage to be dedicated to your hosting account. This is achieved after visualizer a dedicated server behalf of resources between the users on that server.

What are VPS Hosting Benefits?

The benefits of VPS based upon guaranteed of its resources that your account will always be allows the set amount of RMA,CPU and storage of space, you’ve chosen regardless hosting plan of what other users on a dedicated server are doing. This allows great stability and performance of your website.You also do’t share the operating system with any other users because of providing better security to your website files.

When should I go with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) server?

Our VPS hosting solution is an best choice when you are looking full controle around your website. whether it have ability to gives resources as per your need with growing of your bussiness or install a custom application or configuration thats makes your website run as you want.

Will my VPS perform better than my Shared account does?

VPS plan selection vary based on your website. The initial level VPS nodes are targeted for more flexibility and control as towards customer looking and will likely not result in a performance improvement, while the VPS resources higher end nodes should gives both flexibility and performance improvements.

Will you migrate my site for me?

Hostarina offers unlimited free cPanel to cPanel migrations to our VPS Offering For Sites that require a manual migration due to complexity or a different control panel, we support up to 30 migrations based on the VPS package you select.

How many emails can I send out per hour from my VPS server?

On a VPs server, there is no default setting within cPanel on outbound email per hour, but we strongly recommend that you set 300 hundred email per hour to avoid getting your IP blacklisted by an errant or compromised script with in your site performance improvement

What is the difference between a virtual server and a dedicated server?

The VPS and dedicated server differ based upon users and resources on a physical server. with a VPS server some of the resources are isolated for individual users, but there are number of users on the same physical server and a dedicated server allowed to access by only a single user to all the resources of a whole server.

What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting?

The difference between shared and VPS hosting comes down to three things: resources, price, and performance.

  • Resources — Plain and simple, shared hosting is sharing a server with other websites, where VPS hosting provides server resources dedicated to you.
  • Pricing — Shared hosting is generally cheaper because resources are shared with more users. Virtual Servers on the other hand, generally have fewer websites, but are more expensive.
  • Performance — The reason most people choose VPS over shared is because of performance. Their website or application has heavy resource demands, or they have a higher expectation of performance. VPS powered websites, when managed correctly (like we do here at Hostarina), are much faster and more responsive.

Powerfully Reliable

We maintain our servers in-house to ensure your site stays up and running at all times.