What is the sign-up process? How is SiteLock configured?

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The SiteLock product will be active once the user has paid for and configured the service(s). SiteLock Scanner Lite and SiteLock Find do not require configuration. SiteLock Premium and SiteLock Defend do require configuration. There are multiple scans included with each product and many of the scans will not require a configuration, as they run via HTTPS.
Services that need to be configured include;
  1.  SMART - Instructions can be found inside the SiteLock Dashboard.
    "Settings" tab -> "Download settings" tab. From the "Download Settings" screen, click on "use the wizard" at the top right.
  2. Web application firewall (SiteLock Defend only). Instructions can be found inside the SiteLock Dashboard.
    From the "Dashboard Tab", click on the circle that says "Trueshield Configure." Once you click on the circle, you will be taken to another screen that has instructions on step by step set up. If you require assistance with setting up the Web Application Firewall (WAF), please call SiteLock technical support team available 24/7/365

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