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Make Selling Easier with Hostarina

Use the power of WordPress, reliability of Hostarina, and versatility of WooCommerce to get your online store up and running in no time

Woo Basic

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Previous Price : $ 20

Woo Plus

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Previous Price : $ 30

All Plans Include

Suitable for anyone from novices to pro: the ideal solution for most WordPress sites.

WooCommerce Pre-Configured

We pre-install WordPress and WooCommerce with battle-tested themes and plugins, letting you start selling fast.

1 Free Domain

A great website starts with a great domain name. Hostarina gives you one for free.

Automatic Updates

We ensure your website has the latest WordPress and WooCommerce updates to protect your store from new vulnerabilities.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Grow your traffic without being throttled. Your success is our #1 priority.

FREE SSL Security

We include a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate so you can process direct payments from your customers securely.

Value And Features

Our optimizied WordPress hosting platform delivers optimal features like templates and plugins, and a great value compared to other WordPress hosting plans.

WooCommerce is Built for WordPress.

Use the power of WordPress, reliability of Hostarina, and versatility of 
WooCommerce to get your online store up and running in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WooCommerce Hosting?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is primarily used for selling products or services online. Regardless if your products are digital or physical, WooCommerce makes it easy to build an online store that is customized specifically to your business needs. WooCommerce also makes it easy to manage your inventory, take secure payments, manage shipping, and will even apply taxes accordingly.

Can I customize my WooCommerce online store?

Absolutely. Depending on what you want your e-commerce store to do or look like, you can choose from a variety of available WooCommerce themes. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can begin to customize it within the “customizer” section of your WordPress dashboard. This will allow you to make simple changes like adding your personal logo or changing the background and font. Coding knowledge is not a requirement for using WooCommerce, however for users who know basic HTML or CSS, customization can be taken to a whole new level. We recommend that beginners to WooCommerce choose a theme that best fits their needs and then learn how to customize it further through our knowledge base articles or community forums. As your customization skills increase, you will be excited by all the possibilities your WooCommerce online store has available to leverage.

Why should I use WooCommerce instead of Shopify?

WooCommerce is completely free to use and is powered by a community of developers dedicated to making WooCommerce as flexible and versatile as the industry needs. As the internet and online stores continue to evolve, WooCommerce evolves with it. Bluehost makes building a WooCommerce website easy for beginners while still providing all the tools necessary for pros. WooCommerce allows anyone to setup and run a professional online store in minutes. The best part is that it’s all powered by WordPress so your data is all 100% owned by you.

How do I get started with WooCommerce Hosting?

Hostarina makes it easy to get started with WooCommerce web hosting. Simply choose the hosting plan that is right for your website needs, and then create or add your existing domain. We will automatically install WooCommerce on top of your WordPress website while also providing a free WooCommerce SSL to keep your site and transactions secure. Setup takes only a few minutes and then you can begin selecting a theme for your online store. Shortly after you’ve selected a WooCommerce theme, you can begin adding your products and payment information.erage.