How to install Chyrp?

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Chyrp application application Installation Process describes by this article thats, how to install the using the Softaculous application installer in cPanel.

Chyrp application Installation

You can have Chyrp application up and running as your website in minutes by Softaculous app installer in cPanel Follow these steps for Chyrp application installation:

  1. SignIn to cPanel.
  2. Goto softaculous application installer section of the cPanel and click at any category. The softaculous application installer page appears.
    It does not matter which category you selected, All of them start the softaculous app installer.
  3. Now you can type Chyrp application in search text box and then press Enter button.
    Alternatively, Navigation panel available on the page left side. To do this and Click at Blogs and then click at Chyrp application.
  4. Installation page will appear at clicked at Install button.
  5. Select the Protocol by Protocol List Box.
    Note: If SSL Certificate Installed on your website then select https:// or https://www other wise select http:// or http://www
  6. Choose Domain name from domain list box for Installation at your desired domain/subdomain, or accept the default value.
  7. Type Directory name in Directory text box, where you want to install the application or accept default value.
    Note: If you want to install application at your default domain name then go directly to the application, make sure the In Directory text box is blank.
  8. In the Database Name text box, type the name of the database to create for the application, or accept the default value.
  9. In the Table Prefix text box, type the database table prefix, or accept the default value.
  10. In the Site Name text box, type the site name. By default, the site name appears in the title bar of users' web browsers when they visit your site.
  11. In the Site Description text box, type the site description.
  12. Type administrator username in the Admin Username text box.
  13. Type administrator password in the Admin password text box.
    Note: Choose a strong password as per softaculas app installer provides a ranking for your password's strength and turns green bar when the password is strong.Otherwise you can choose Random Password by clicking at random password generator and softaculous generates a strong, random password for you.
  14. Type admin email address in Admin email text box.
  15. To Expand Advanced Option click at advanced option icon.
  16. uncheck update Notification check box, if you don't want to receive email notifications, when updates are available for your application.
  17. Type email address in the email Installation details box for receive website configuration information after installation is complete.
  18. Make Sure and review application installation options/settings and then click at install button.after completion of installation, softaculous will display the information about the application configuration.
  19. Cheers Installation process Done.

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